Tuesday, March 18, 2014

@GortonsSeafood Artisan Recipe Fish Fillets Review (with Give Away!) and The #RealSolutions Sweepstakes!

Gorton's Artisan Recipes
Gorton's Real Solutions Seafood Promotion
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  • The Gorton's Brand Just Launched a New Artisan Recipe Line
  • Choose Roasted Garlic & Italian Herb, Southwest Tortilla, Lemon & Cracked Peppercorn or Southern Style
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I am always looking for easy ways to make healthier dinners.  This is one of the reasons I love the Gorton's brand.  They have such a wide variety of products, so I can choose something special like these new Artisan fillets or something more casual and just as delicious like a battered fish choice.

The new Artisan fillets come in four flavors.  Roasted Garlic & Italian Herb, Lemon & Cracked Peppercorn, Southwest Tortilla and Southern Style. These are wild-caught Alaskan Pollock fillets made special with ingredients that really pop - like chilies, peppercorns, and crushed tortilla chips.

Gorton's sent me a branded cutting board and some free product coupons.  This was perfect timing, since it is the season of Lent and I don't eat meat on Fridays.

Gorton's Artisan Recipe Fish Fillets
I took my coupons and headed to the grocery store to pick some up.  The bright yellow boxes with the Gorton's Fisherman were not hard to spot.

Gorton's Artisan Recipe Fish Fillets
The easy preparation is also a bonus.  They can be made right from the box.  The fillet is a good size, and you can see this lemon peppercorn selection is well coated and seasoned.

Gorton's Artisan Recipe Fish Fillets
The Gorton's website also has a wide variety of recipes that can be made with their products, so be sure to check that page out, too.

Oh, and here is some more exciting news!  Gorton's has a big sweepstakes going on right now!

Gorton's Real Solutions Sweepstakes

As I mentioned above, Gorton’s has such a great variety of delicious products that they really do provide real solutions to the average family's dinner decision making.  (That's how they came up with the name...)
Now they want to offer their fans even more real solutions,so they have launched the Real Solutions Sweepstakes. Participants can enter once a day for a chance to win a$2,500 Cash Grand Prize, weekly Grocery Card prizes and free VIP product coupons – which you could use to try our NEW Artisan Recipe Fillets.
I have also been given the opportunity to host my own giveaway for TWO free product coupons and a cutting board like the one that I received.

If you would like to to try to win this prize pack, please use the entry form below, and be sure to complete the steps properly so that all of your entries will count.
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Good Luck!