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Reverse Charades Sports and Hollywood Edition - With a Give Away! @Sedarahc

Reverse Charades
Reverse Charades - Sports and Hollywood Expansion Packs
  • Family Friendly Fun for Ages Six and Up
  • Form Teams of Three or More Players
  • The Twist - The Team Acts Out the Word - Only One Guesses
  • Use an Expansion Deck for the Original Game or Just Use the Cards
  • Expansion Packs Include 220 Words and an Instructions Card
  • The suggested Price for Expansion Packs is $9.99 (will vary)
  • The Original Edition With 720 Words is Available in 2,200+ Stores and From Online Retailers
  • Pick up the Sports Pack or the Hollywood Cards From Amazon or 
  • Follow the Fun on Twitter, (@Sedarahc) or Like the Facebook Page
  • There is Also a YouTube Channel, a Pinterest Account, and an Instagram Page
We reviewed the multi-award winning game Reverse Charades in 2012 as part of my holiday gift guide.  We had so much fun playing - especially with my boys.  Their interpretations of words made us laugh out loud!

We recently received two of the expansion packs to try out, and once again, we had a hysterically good time playing.  Reverse charades takes boring charades and flips it around to make it a blast.  It is so easy to play.  All you need is a group of friends, and then you break up in to teams of three or more players.  This way there will be at least two to "act out" the word and one to guess.  That is the biggest twist - that only one guesses.  In the traditional game the team sits and tries to guess while one player acts out.  When a whole group of people are up and trying to get one person to figure out what they are trying to convey it gets kind of hilarious.

A team gets sixty seconds to guess as many words as they can before the next team gets their minute to play.  Each word guessed correctly is worth one point.  There is only one pass permitted per round.  there is no talking or sounds permitted, but props and objects are absolutely allowed, and make the game even funnier.

We started with the Hollywood Edition.  

Some of the words are a little bit easier to guess, like autograph.

Reverse Charades
Others can be tough.  I didn't get this one until Boy two started bouncing like a bunny - although he enjoyed manhandling his brother a lot more.

Reverse Charades
This one only took a few seconds to figure out.

Reverse Charades
So, as you can see, a team can rack up quite a few points in a minute's time.  Because these aren't meant to break the brain, but to be fun.

Since the summer blockbusters are going to start showing in theaters soon, why not pick up this Hollywood expansion pack and keep the fun going.  Invite some friends over after the movie, order some pizza, and play some Reverse Charades!  Even the kids can join in, so it is a great way to have some good, clean, fun.

We also enjoyed the Sports pack.  Here is what my boys gave me as a start for boot camp.  Thankfully, after about 15 seconds of me saying "push ups!" and "Strength training!" one of them had the sense to grab a boot from the nearby mudroom and I finally got it.

Reverse Charades
This one - I could not stop laughing.  This is what happens when kids don't know what shin splints are.  He is actually making splints for his brother's shin.  Pure awesome.  If you could have seen their faces when they were looking at the card.  it was priceless.

Reverse Charades
 Is it just me, or do they look like they are having a little too much fun acting out the boxing match?

Reverse Charades Sports
Reverse Charades is always going to be a great choice for party fun.  With March madness in full swing, Baseball's opening day coming up, Basketball and hockey playoffs coming up - add Reverse Charades to your viewing parties and your guests will have a blast!

Of course, the original game, the Junior Edition, as well as French and Dutch Editions (Stand Up & Get Moving) are also available.  You might also like the Reverse Charades App that is available for Apple and Driod Devices.  There are also Holiday, Canadian, and Girl's Night In expansion packs.

I have been given the opportunity to offer one reader their choice of either the Sports or the Hollywood expansion pack.  To qualify to win this prize, please use the form below to submit your entries.
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