Tuesday, March 25, 2014

TeenyMates Major League Baseball Figures - Blind Pack Collectibles @LilTeammates #MLB

teenymates baseball
TeenyMates Major League Baseball Collectible Figures
  • Figures Come in Blind Foil Bag Packs with Random Team Figures
  • Two Random Figures and Two Puzzle Pieces in Every Pack
  • Collect All thirty Teams and Complete the Two sided Puzzle
  • Four Rare Versions are Also Included in the Series
  • Available for Purchase at Target or Dick's Sporting Goods
  • For Ages Four and Up 
  • Average Retail Price per Pack - $3.99
  • Visit the TeenyMates Website www.teenymates.com
  • Like the Facebook Page or Follow on Twitter (@LilTeammates)
Spring Training is in session, and the Major League Baseball Season is right around the corner.  If you have a baseball fan in your house, here is a fun collectible idea, and a great alternative to candy for an Easter basket.

TeenyMates Baseball Figures
Each blind pack holds two tiny one inch baseball players, two puzzle pieces and a full color check off collector's sheet.  Fans can collect all thirty-five puzzle pieces which will create a two sided puzzle that has an MLB baseball diamond on one side and a copy of the check off poster on the other side.

TeenyMates Baseball Figures
Here you can see a close up of the figures and the puzzle pieces.  I put one puzzle piece figure side up, and the other piece is MLB diamond side up.  This pack produced a San Francisco Player and a new York Mets player.

TeenyMates Baseball Figures
The complete set is represented on full color mini poster which helps to keep track of which figures are left to complete a collection.

I also mentioned that there are rares.

TeenyMates Baseball Figures
Glow in the Dark figures are the easiest to find with approximate odds falling at about 1:32 packs.  A Vintage Brewers player will be found at a rate of about 1:52.  The Vintage Expos figure has odds of about 1:128 packs.  The most rare is the metallic gold finish and these are found once in about every 256 packs.

There are also NHL, NBA, and NFL TeenyMates, and a fun interactive website.

The low price point of about $3.99 (will vary by retailer) per pack this is a great choice for young collectors.