Thursday, April 3, 2014

@NativityStones Jewelry - Own a Piece of Jesus' Birthplace! #Christian #Easter

Nativity Stones
Nativity Stones Jewelry
  • Each Item Contains a Small Piece of the Nativity Cave in Bethlehem
  • Purchases Include a Certificate of Authenticity and Booklet
  • Packaged in a Decorative Box With the nativity Stones Story on the Back
  • Choose from Several Unisex Designs or Petite For Ladies and Children
  • Necklaces Are layered in 18K Gold and Include a 22 inch Rope Chain
  • Convenient Online Shopping With Secure Checkout
  • Each purchase Comes With a 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Necklace Prices Range From $49 – $79
  • My Readers can Take 15% off and get FREE Shipping With the Coupon Code "CHRIST15"
  • Your Purchases Will Help to Aid a Variety of Worthy Charities
  • See the Current Collection by Visiting the Website (
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One of the most popular sites that people visit when they go to the Holy lands is Cave of the Nativity located in Bethlehem.  This sacred place has been visited by pilgrims for centuries.  Thousands of people walk through each year and gaze upon the spot where out Savior was born.  In the 1960’s it was determined that the flow of visitors would go more smoothly if there was an exit door added. 
The Nativity Cave
Plans were made and a spot was chosen.  Without disturbing this starred area of the cave floor which marks the spot where Jesus was born, a careful excavation took place within feet of it.  Philanthropist Stanley Slotkin happened to be visiting at the time.  He began to consider the impact that sharing a piece of this blessed place with others might have.
It is human nature to want to have a tangible item that belonged to a person beloved to us – it is why we cherish heirloom items that are passed down through generations.  Mr. Slotkin knew that he could bring joy and comfort to many people with the remnants of this project.  He was able to make the arrangements with Bethlehem’s mayor and the stones were sent to the United States.
As part of his philanthropic work Stanley made sure that stones were donated to a variety of charitable organizations.  he also made crosses with stone fragments and began distributing them to the seriously sick and terminally ill patients in hospitals throughout the United States.  The crosses were very well received and a great source of comfort.  Realizing that ownership of these pieces could benefit many, he requested that his family created something that could be
Now there is a selection of lovely crosses which can be purchased, the most popular being this classic version which is available in a large unisex design  or a petite size for women and children.

Nativity Stones
The larger size (shown here) is about two and a half inches tall and quite sturdy.  The pendant is well put together and the stone is securely in the window.  This piece has a replica of the fourteen pointed star from floor of the Nativity Cave surrounding the stone – it also looks similar to a monstrance.  There is a twenty-two inch rope chain included and it closes with a hook clasp. 

You can also see the story booklet which contains an explanation and photos as well as a Certificate of Authenticity.
I have had my Nativity Stone necklace for a couple of weeks now.  Every time I wear it it sparks a conversation.  It is both unique and lovely – so many people have been intrigued by it!   
Are you looking for an excellent Easter Gift for somebody special?  A Nativity Stones Necklace might be just the thing!   It will come in an attractive box like the one pictured below.
Nativity Stones Scroll
If you decide to buy, don’t forget the coupon code "CHRIST15" to get 15% off of your order and FREE Shipping!  (enter the code at checkout, not to be used in conjunction with any other offer)  your purchase will be secure, and PayPal is accepted.

For the purpose of full disclosure, I was provided with a Nativity Stones necklace in order to write an informed review.