Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Use SofSpa™ Cream and @PediSox For Soft and Pretty Summer Feet (With Give Away!)

SofSpa™ Cream and Pedisox for Sandal Ready Feet
  • Cream Heals Rough Dry Spots and Revitalizes Skin
  • Provides Relief for Cracked Heels and Calluses
  • Apply at Night and Lock in Softness With Pedisox™
  • Extend the Post Pedicure Prettiness
  • Lightly Scented and Safe for Sensitive Skin
  • SofSpa Cream is $14 for a 2.4 oz Tube or $30 for an 8 oz Tube
  • Visit the PediSox Website for More Information and Ordering
  • Follow Pedisox on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest
Last Fall I had the opportunity to review PediSox and I just fell in love with them.  They were great for cold weather pedicures.  Now that sandal and flip flop weather is here I need them even more.  Pairing the amazing SofSpa dry skin therapy cream that is available on the PediSox website with a pair of the Ultra Spa Sox combines a powerful healing emollient cream with a pampering sock that locks the softening and moisturizing in.

Even though I get salon pedicures, I still end up with patches like this in between visits.

You can see that my heel is starting to get flaky and those ugly cracks that can form.  This is definitely my problem spot.  I also get some rougher skin on the sides of my feet and on my toes.  To be honest, my feet start to look bad before my polish does.  Because of this I will often get a new pedicure before I really need one.  i don't want to have ugly feet while I am wearing a cute pair of summer shoes!

This is where the overnight treatment using SofSpa™ and Pedisox comes in.  it is so easy to use!  First I apply the cream.  It comes out of the tube like this.

The formula is thick and rich.so a little bit of SofSpa goes a long way.  The small 2.5 ounce tube costs less than one pedicure and a large 8 ounce tube is triple the size for the about same price as one trip to the salon.  Since I already see that it is going to give my pedis some longevity that I didn't have before, I feel that it is definitely going to be a worthwhile investment for me to get an 8 ounce tube!

Once I have treated my foot to the SofSpa lotion I repeat the process for the second foot, put on a pair of PediSox and go to bed.

Overnight the special moisturizers are allowed to absorb slowly and get deep into the tough and dry skin because of the socks. By morning, I wake up with much softer feet.

This is my experience after only one night of use.  You can see that the nasty patch that was in the middle of my heel is quite a bit better and that overall dry and flaky look is improving.

For the best results possible, use SofSpa and PediSox for a full week to start, then use once a week to maintain silky soft feet and heels.  SofSpa may also be used on chapped hands, cuticles, elbows and knees for deep penetrating skin therapy.

So - if you would like to get your feet ready for summer I have put the links to order your SofSpa and Pedisox in the bullet points at the start of this post.

Two of my readers will also win a 2.5 ounce SofSpa and a pair of PediSox, too!  If you would like to try to win one of these great prizes, lease use the form below to enter.
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Good Luck!