Monday, May 19, 2014

Fresh Guard Products by Efferdent - Great for Mouth Guards and Retainers! #FreshGuard

Effervent Fresh Guard
Fresh Guard Wipes and Fresh Guard Soak - by Efferdent

First, some facts about the Soak:
  • Perfect for retainers, mouth guards, clear braces or other removable braces.
  • A five minute soak will kill 99.9% of odor-causing bacteria and provide a deep clean.
  • Regular use will remove and prevent build-up of mouth film.
  • Soaking also removes yellowing and stains.
  • Each box has 24 packets of single use effervescing crystals.
  • Safe and gentle to the device materials.  (when used as directed)
  • Available in grocery and drug stores near the flossing products
Now, about the wipes:
  • Single use packets contain one wipe each and are easy to carry.
  • Keep a bunch in a gym bag or purse for quick and convenient cleanings on the go.
  • Wipes can remove odor causing film and bio-plaque.
  • Ready to use, no water needed.
  • Leaves device with a fresh minty flavor.
  • Gets devices clean and odor free.
  • Also available in the dental aisle of your favorite stores.
If you or a family member participate in sports, you may use a mouth guard to protect your teeth and prevent concussions. If you have children, chances are also good that one or more of them may have an orthodontic device like a retainer or removable braces.   If this is the case you will probably want to know about these new products.  One is a wipe which will keep the devices fresh and clean while on the go and the other is a soak great for a deep cleaning at home.

My guys participate in Mixed Martial Arts.  MMA is definitely a sport that requires mouth guards - and they can get nasty.  My sons have a habit of chewing on theirs, and they usually forget to take them out and clean them in between practices.  

high red belts.jpg
These products, especially the wipes, are prefect for them!  I can stick a few in the gym bag pocket where they keep their mouth guards and all they have to do is wipe them down before popping them back into the case.  The wipe can be used on the case as well, keeping it fresh smelling and bacteria free.

I made this video to give you a quick look at both products and how they are used.

The Fresh Guard soak is good for a deep cleaning, and especially great for long wear items like retainers or removable braces.  It only takes five minutes to use!  Just empty a packet into some warm water, soak for five minutes, and rinse.

Note that when it starts the rinse is a deep blue color.  After five minutes the solution loses some of the bubbles and the color fades.  After about ten minutes it loses all color and effervescence.

I included this graphic to show how to use the soak properly.  It is important to have your dental device ready for soaking as soon as you make the mixture since it is most effective right away.  Remove promptly after five minutes and never soak for more than ten minutes.

Find Fresh Guard Products on the web at  You will also find an offer for a one dollar off coupon.