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My Cat Loves the Achy Paws Self Warming Pet Mat by @HealingTreeShop (With Give Away!)

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial. Achy Paws Self Warming Pet Mat
Achy Paws Self Warming Pet Mats by Healing Tree
  • Bamboo Charcoal Provides Self-Warming Technology
  • Helps Ease Joint Discomfort for Dogs & Cats
  • Available is Sizes Small, Medium, Large, X -Large, and XX-Large
  • Comforted Pets Will Get Better Rest
  • Anxious Pets are Often Calmed With an Achy Paws Mat
  • Charcoal Abosrbs Odor, Moisture.  It also Traps Dander
  • Soft, and Fleecy - Made With Three Layered Fabric
  • Easy to Surface Clean and Also Machine Washable
  • Prices Vary by size - $19.99 - $59.99
  • Find Healing Tree Products Website at
  • Healing Tree is Also on Facebook and on Twitter (@healingtreeshop)
Achy Paws Self Warming Pet Mat
Most cats and dogs like a warm comfy spot to nap in.  I know my cats will always choose a nice warm sun soaked spot on the carpet if they can.  This becomes even more of a treat when our pets become older.

We have a senior cat who spent quite a bit of his life as an abandoned pet.  When he came to us he had some health issues and he definitely has sensitive joints.  To keep him comfy we leave fluffy blankets on the the beds so he will always have cozy spots for his cat naps but we cannot provide much heat because electric blankets and heating pads can cause burns on pets.  It is not recommended to allow animals to sleep on these items on for long periods of time.

The Achy Paws Pet Mats are a great alternative.  Made with a special self warming technology this mat is unlike any made with ordinary fabrics. The inner layer is created with 100% Bamboo Charcoal which will adapt to the cat or dog's body.  In turn it will bring warming or cooling sensations to soothe the achy joints and sore muscles.  This core is wrapped in polyester fleece.  It is not bulky at all.  it is easy to move and can be folded up for travelling.

Right out of the package it looked like this:

Achy Paws Self Warming Pet Mat
I chose a medium sized mat which is 30 inches by 20 inches.  It is a perfect size for my fur baby, and it has a little bit of extra room in case our younger cat cares to join him.

Achy Paws Self Warming Pet Mat
The Achy Paws mat is light and easy to move so I bring it with me as I move from room to room.  This works well for us because he does not like to be far from me. Now he can have his special nap mat wherever we go.

In the photo above I placed the mat on my bed.  In this picture below I have him set up for while I work in my office.

Achy Paws Self Warming Pet Mat
This last photo shows him curled up our guest bed while I sat on the other side enjoying some down time.  He is a happy fellow, that is for certain!

Achy Paws Self Warming Pet Mat
The Achy Paws Self Warming mat is available in 5 sizes.  The small: 20"x20" , a medium: 30"x20", the Large is 40"x30", an X-Large: 50"x30" and an XX-Large: 60"x40".

The mats are also very easy to take care of.  Simply machine wash in cold water and then dry on gentle cycle with low heat. Because of the special charcoal center, users can get rid of  odor, toxins, & pollutants by placing the mat in direct sunlight or under a full spectrum light bulb at least once a month for about an hour.

Here is some exciting news!  The wonderful people at the The Healing Tree have very graciously offered an Achy Paws mat for a giveaway.  The winner will be able to chose a small, medium, or large mat.

If you would like to try to win this for your pet, please use the form below to submit your entries.
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Good luck!

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