Sunday, June 8, 2014

Supersize Your Summer Fun With Jumbo Zip-It by @Bananagrams

Jumbo Zip It
Jumbo Zip-It by Bananagrams

  • A Fast Paced Word Game for Two Players
  • Ideally for For Ages 7 and Up 
  • Use the Storage Bag for Scoring, No Paper and Pencils Needed
  • Created by the Bananagrams Company
  • A Round Can be Played in Under One Minute
  • The First to Win Rounds Wins the Game
  • Available From the Bananagrams Store for $44.99
  • Secure Checkout With CC or Paypal
  • Bananagrams Is On The Web
  • There is Also a Facebook page, Twitter Account, and YouTube Channel

Jumbo Zip-ItZip-It is fast and fun word game by Bananagrams.  Two players face off to make word grids using 12 blocks with letters on all sides.  The first to use all the blocks without a spelling error wins a round and moves the zipper up the side of the case to mark his victory.  The first to win the specified number of rounds (up to ten) wins the game!

It is easy to play and goes quickly.  It is designed for ages 7 and up.  This Jumbo version of the game has nice big blocks that are great for outdoors or travelling.  These pieces will not get lost or misplaced so there should be no worries about taking it on the go.

The game comes with twenty-four blocks.  To begin, the blocks are mixed up and each player draws twelve.  Once they are set, they get to work building word grids.

Jumbo Zip-It
In the photo above, Boy Two just finished his grid before Boy One could get his last blocks into place.  The round lasted about thirty seconds.  Boy Two will move the Red zipper tag up one more space to make the score five to four.

Here are some examples of completed grids:

The usual rules apply - no proper nouns, no foreign languages - unless you choose to make the game more interesting.  The game includes some ideas for changing up the game.  For example, words that rhyme might add a bonus point, or long words may earn a bonus point.  Maybe palindromes (reads the same forward and backward) or semi-palindromes (one word reading forward another reading right to left) can earn extra points.

This is one of the great benefits of Bananagrams games.  Players have a lot of flexibility to play in ways that they enjoy.

This is the carrying case, and you can see the scoring areas on the sides.  Those tabs are attached to the zippers and they are slid up and down to mark the score of each player.

Jumbo Zip-It
In the picture up top you will also see that the case has a sturdy case for carrying.  This is such a fun game and because the rounds go so quickly everyone can get a turn to play without having to wait too long.  This big version is going to be coming along to a lot of outings this summer and will definitely be packed for camp, too.

There is also a Jumbo Bananagrams game great for summer outdoor fun.  The large waterproof tiles won't get lost and they have a good weight so they won't blow around.

We love Banangrams games and these Jumbo versions are fantastic for great big summer fun.