Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The Torch In My Room Explorer’s Torch by @UncleMiltonToys

The Torch In My Room Explorer’s Torch by Uncle Milton Toys
The Torch In My Room Light Up Explorer's Torch
  • Use as a Nightlight or a Flashlight
  • Flame Flickers Like a Real Torch
  • Includes Wall Mount, Screws, and Hanger
  • For Ages Five and Up
  • Requires 2 AA Batteries Which are Not Included
  • Currently Priced at $19.99 in the Uncle Milton Webstore
  • Another Fun Uncle Milton Toy -
  • Find Uncle Milton on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter (@UncleMiltonToys)
Uncle Milton's Torch in my Room
The Torch in My Room Light up Explorer's Torch by Uncle Milton toys makes a great gift for kids.  It works well for indoor and outdoor pretend play and doubles as a nightlight.  Two Double A Batteries provide a flickering flame-like light for young explorers.

The toys is for children ages five and up because of the construction.  To insert batteries the user has to unscrew the flame portion of the light.  There is no lock to the battery compartment and the batteries could come out posing a danger to younger children.  otherwise, the construction is plastic.  There are no sharp edges or glass to worry about and the 'flame" stays cool to the touch.

Two screws and wall anchors come with the toy and an adult can use them to install the wall hanger.  Once the screws are in place you can see how the piece will easily fit onto the screws so it can be slid into a secure place on the wall.
Torch in my Room Wall Piece
Now take a look at the photo of the assembled toy again and notice that the wall hanger has a post coming off of it and from that post we can hang the plastic ring that will hold the torch in place.

When it hangs from the wall it makes a fun nightlight that is not too bright.  The flickering is rather soothing and comforting for bedtime.

The torch then easily slides out of the loop for hand held use.  it is perfect for exploring!

Uncle Milton's Explorer Torch
This torch is also a good companion for middle of the night trips to the bathroom or for a drink of water.  Keep in mind that the flame like top does not provide very bright light and it is a toy.  Bring along another bright flashlight for camping or navigating unfamiliar areas.

I like this as a toy for any child but I think that young Minecraft and Indiana Jones fans will really flip for the Torch in my Room!