Sunday, November 23, 2014

The Magical Tale of Santa Dust - Create a #Christmas Eve Tradition! (With Giveaway)

The Magical Tale of Santa Dust
  • Written by Patricia Cardello 
  • Illustrations by Manuela Soriani
  • Hardcover Children's Book
  • Released by N & J Publishing, September 1, 2011
  • English Language - 32 Pages
  • Learn More and Buy Your Copy at
  • Also Available in Hallmark Stores, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble
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When Christmas came a little bit too close to a time that the family had moved to a new home, author Patricia Cardello's children worried that Santa might not know how to find them.  To soothe their anxieties Patricia told her little ones a story about Magical dist that helped Santa to find children.  She then created a sparkly "magic dust" for them to sprinkle and a tradition was born!

In 2011, Ms. Cardello shared her family tradition by way of a children's book.  Each year it has gained in popularity and it is now widely available.  You can even see the Magical Santa dust featured at Six Flags Theme Parks as the basis for their new Holiday in The Park steam train ride this year!

The book is a nice sized hardcover volume and it comes shrink wrapped with a bag of magic dust..

As you can guess, the story addresses the fear that Santa might not make it to a child's house for some reason.  In this case, the family lives far out in a wooded area.  They are poor and do not have enough wood to keep a fire going that would attract Santa's attention.  The siblings go to bed with tears in their eyes and heavy hearts.

During the night the family dog hears something outside, and when the children investigate, they find a bag with something special inside.  Although the plan they hatch does not exactly work out, they do make a bit of a mess with the bag's contents.  The mess is a sparkly tail of dust that catches Santa's eye as his sleigh flies overhead.

It all ends well when Saint Nick stops and leaves gifts - along with a special note for the children.

After reading the story to your little ones, you can pull out your own magic dust and leave a path to your front door.  (It is very pretty and non-toxic.)

The bag is a beautiful red velvety pouch tied with a lovely cord.  After the children spread the dust they can hang it on the tree as an ornament.

Magic dust
Here is a close up look at the dust.  You can see that it does sparkle and shine.  The light catches it and it looks beautiful.  There are refill bags available from the website bookstore, too.

magic dust
The story is sweet and the book is easy to read.  It is best suited for kids aged about 3 to 8.  There are a few grammatical errors, but since the book is meant as a cuddle and read aloud, this is not a major problem.

I had the chance to meet the author at the New York Toy Fair earlier this year, and we had a lovely visit.  Her warm and inviting personality won me over immediately.  She was kind enough to provide a review copy for me, and encouraged me to host a giveaway for a copy as well.

Here is your chance to win a The Magical Tale of Santa Dust.  Just complete the tasks below and earn entries.  The winner will be chosen at random by Rafflecopter.

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