Monday, January 12, 2015

#TheIdentical Movie - Available on DVD 1/13/15 - A Review and #Giveaway

The Identical
The Identical on DVD and BluRay
  • Starring Ray Liotta, Seth Green, Ashley Judd, Blake Rayne,
  • Directed by Dustin Marcellino
  • Single Region 1 DVD Disc - English Language
  • Rated: PG For Mild Thematic Elements and Some Smoking
  • DVD and BlueRay Release Date - January 13, 2015
  • Main Feature is About 107 minutes 
  • DVD Includes 85 Minutes of Special Features and Deleted Scenes
  • Visit the Identical Website for More Information
  • Find The Identical on Facebook and Follow @The Identical on Twitter
  • There is Also an Instagram Account and a YouTube Channel
  • DVD list Price $19.96  -  BluRay List Price  $24.95  - Actual Prices Vary
  • The 2 Disc, 30 Track Soundtrack is Also Available from Wal-Mart and Amazon
The story of The Identical takes place in the 1950's.  A time when adoptions were kept secret, and it was not uncommon to separate twins for adoption purposes.  This is how it is possible that a wildly popular Rock and Roll singer could be the dead ringer for the local preacher's son, and it also explains why the preacher's son feels so inclined to sing and play music.

The pivotal moment of the story actually takes place years earlier, when the boys are newborns.  Their birth parents,William and Helen Helmsley are desperately poor and don't know how they can possibly care for and raise both children.  They bring the twins to a tent revival where the preacher and his wife are dealing with the heartbreaking reality of infertility.  It seems like it would be to the benefit of both families to allow the preacher, Reece Wade, to adopt one of the babies.

Helen pleads with the Wades not to tell the boy about the adoption, and the Wades promise to raise the boy in a good Christian home.  What they couldn't know is that twins are far more than womb mates.  As the mother of identical twins, I can tell you that the 99.5% identical DNA does not only dictate their eye color, hair color, and build. They are unique, but also one.  I think of it almost like a married couple, they are incomplete without each other.  This was the case for the fictional twins in the movie, too.

Although the boy being raised by the Pastor, Ryan Wade, feels pressure to follow in his father's ministry, his heart is called to music.  It  doesn't help matters when the hottest up and coming music star (and also Ryan's twin brother) Drexel Helmsley is a dead ringer for the young man. Eventually, with the support of his wife and his boss, Ryan and his best friend join the music world.  Ryan does covers of Drexel's music similar to what an Elvis impersonator would do today, and he becomes quite well loved himself.

This is the part of the story where you just have to go with it and take a ride on the emotional roller coaster because if you think too hard you will spoil it all for yourself.  Ray Liotta and Ashley Judd do a convincing job as Ryan's adoptive parents.  Blake Rayne is a very humble Ryan, and a fine Drexel.  The way the brothers find out abut each other is unfortunate, and it causes Ryan to spiral for a little while.  While he sorts out the differences between what he has always believed and what he has just learned learned the story takes some sad turns but it also treats the viewer to some other warm and lovely moments.  There is definitely love woven throughout the script.  

It is a family friendly film, and if you have a tender heart, you may want to keep a box of tissues nearby.

You can pick up your own copy from one of several online or brick and mortar stores by following the link in the bullet points.  You might also be the lucky winner of a DVD copy of the movie, too.  If you would like to try your luck at a giveaway, I have one copy up for grabs.  Just use the form below to enter.  Feel free to enter on as many blogs as you would like, but only one winner per household will be awarded.

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