Sunday, February 8, 2015

The Poseidon Is An External Charger by@darkenergytech - Waterproof and Rugged

Poseidon 2
The Poseidon External Power Source
  • Lightweight and Portable With 8000 mAh of Power
  • 5.74 Inches Tall, 3.19 Inches Wide and .51 Inches Thick - 8.43 Oz.  
  • Dual USB Ports for Rapid Charging
  • Holds charge Up to One Year - Smart Safety Shutoff Feature
  • Military Grade Drop Resistant, Anti Slip Grip, Impact Resistant Coners
  • Waterproof and Dustproof and Extra Protection Port Covers
  • Fully Funded Kickstarter With Stretch Goals in Progress
  • Created by Dark Energy a Utah Based Company (
  • Check Out Dark Energy on Twitter (@darkenergytech) and on Facebook
If you are the rugged outdoors type, or in my case, a mom of fourteen year old boys. . . You will love the products by the Utah tech company Dark Energy.  They have already created a great external power source called The Reservoir.  It was received with great enthusiasm and had a fantastick Kickstarter campaign.  More than 2,000 backers raised over $173,000 to make it a reality.  Now they have had time to improve the concept and make an even better product, the Poseidon.

The patented nanotechnology used to create The Poseidon protects it from liquid, dust, and exposure.  In addition to being able to handle the elements, this unit was subjected to military grade shock testing and passed with flying colors.  Take your Poseidon anywhere and have confidence that you will be able to power up wherever you go.

Poseidon 8
The Poseidon is able to charge anything that uses a USB port, and the dual ports can allow two devices to charge at once.  Hook up your cell phones, eReader, tablet, digital mp3 music players, bluetooth devices, handheld games, GPS units, and even most cameras. you will get the same charging speed as an outlet, and your Poseidon will hold its own charge for up to a year.

Once you are ready to use it, you will find that it provides the average phone three to five full charges, a tablet will get one or two, and a camera can get from five to seven.  That' a lot of energy to tote around so easily!

Poseidon 7
You can get in on the Kickstarter (linked above) for another couple of weeks.  The goal has been met, so you will be sure to get a cool device, and backers will get theirs before they are available to the public, and there is a even a chance to get a limited edition version in a cammo print.

I know some of you (especially the military families) will really appreciate this product, so I am passing on the information.  I was not compensated for this post with money or a review item.