Friday, June 12, 2015

Chicken Soup for the Soul: Be the Best You Can Be - A Book for Kids (With Giveaway)

Chicken Soup for the Soul - Be The Best You Can BeChicken Soup for the Soul: Be the Best You Can Be
Inspiring True Stories About Goals and Values for Kids and Pre-Teens
  • This Special Edition of Chicken Soup for the Soul is for Kids and Pre-Teens
  • Prepared by Amy Newmark and Dr. Milton Boniuk 
  • Released March 25,2015 by Chicken Soup for the Soul/Boniuk
  • Paperback or eBook Format -385 Pages
  • Publisher's Suggested Price - $14.95 for Paperback Edition 
  • Twelve Chapters of Character Building Stories
  • Find Discussion Starter Questions After Each Chapter
  • Available From Amazon and Other Popular Booksellers
  • Visit the Chicken Soup Website for Stories, Forums, More Titles, Gifts, and Pet Items
  • You Will Also Find Information on submitting Stories and Email Subscriptions
  • Chicken Soup for the Soul Is On Facebook and on Twitter (@ChickenSoupSoul)
Be the Best You Can Be is a book designed for young people.  It is the first in a series which begins with this version for kids 8-12  and is a collaborative effort between Chicken Soup for the Soul and The Boniuk Foundation.  I am not familiar with this foundation except for the information given in the book and what I gleaned from a quick look at the foundation's website.  I believe the vision is to promote unity and decrease division, especially between religions.  It looks like it might be a little bit new age for me, personally.  Since I already am commanded to love my neighbor and honor dignity of every human, I didn't dig too deep.

I did dig into this book, even thought it is meant for kids a bit younger than mine.  I read quite a bit and I found the stories to be uplifting, interesting, and age appropriate.  I also like that each chapter has some discussion questions to help parents explore the topics with their children.  

There is a foreword, an introduction, then there are these twelve chapters:
  1. Making Your Best Effort
  2. Doing the Right Thing
  3. Accepting Differences
  4. Appreciating Your Family
  5. Handling Bullies
  6. Having Confidence in Yourself
  7. Being Generous
  8. Making True Friends
  9. Accepting Responsibility
  10. Being Kind
  11. Being Grateful
  12. Getting Through Tough Times
If you think this would be a good fit for your family, you can find a copy from popular booksellers online or in brick and mortar stores.  Tablet readers can also download an eBook version.  

I also have been given the opportunity to offer a paperback copy as a giveaway item.  If you would like to try your luck at winning, please use the form below to submit entries.  (US Residents 18 and older - open through June 28th.)
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Good Luck!