Saturday, August 15, 2015

The #AntMan Ant Farm - A Live Ant Habitat From #UncleMilton Toys

Uncle Milton Ant Man Ant HabitatThe Ant-Man Ant Farm by Uncle Milton Toys
  • A Fun and Educational Toy for Kids Ages 6 and Up
  • Includes Ant Farm, Sand, Stand, Tools, Connection Tubing, and Directions
  • Harvester Ants Will be Sent to Your Home by US Mail (Information Included)
  • Can Stand Alone or Use the Four Antports to Connect to Other Ant Farms
  • Also Features a Color Poster With Marvel Comics Ant Man and Ant Facts
  • The dimensions are: 6 Inches Tall x 9 Inches Long x 1 Inch Wide
  • Small Parts Included - This Toy is Not for Young Children
  • Like Uncle Milton Toys on Facebook, Follow on Twitter, and Watch on YouTube
I have always been a little bit curious about how to start an ant farm.  I was just sent this one that has the Ant-Man theme which makes it even more cool.  

As it turns out, starting your own ant farm is pretty easy and can provide an interesting and educational entertainment for your family.  Here is a quick look at what comes in the box.

Now, if you are planning to give this as a gift, keep in mind that the ants are shipped separately so go to the website or collect some large sized ants.  Uncle Milton suggests using harvester ants, and if your order from them they send about thirty ants.  (Your kit will include a code for ants and you will only need to pay for shipping)

There will never be a Queen sent, so there is no worry that there will be thousands of baby ants to worry about.  Just enjoy your ants until they begin to die, then you can empty the habitat, add new sand (or your old cleaned and strained sand) and start again.

The instructions are included, are very easy to follow, and even have illustrations.  It is a low maintenance project - just add a crumb of food and some water as needed.  It is best to leave the ant Farm on a shelf since ants do not react well to jostling - and keep it out of the reach of toddlers, as the ant port covers are a choking hazard.

You can order your ant Farm from the Uncle Milton Website or from your favorite toy retailer.