Tuesday, September 1, 2015

MySign! Is a Personalized Light Up Name Plate - New From #UncleMiltonToys

UncleMiltonLightUpNameplate BoysMY SIGN! by Uncle Milton Toys 

Here is a fun new toy that will be available soon.  It is targeted for kids ages 5 and up. (There are small parts, so it is not for any child under 3.)

So many children love to find personalized items with their names on them.  Now they can make a name plate sign for their bedroom that puts their name up in lights.

This new addition to the Uncle Milton toys In My Room collection is called My Sign! There is a traditional boy version in blue and green as well as a pink and purple design for girls.

My Sign! comes with sticker letters to add a name, nickname, or favorite word to the front as well as some decorative, transparent decorative shapes that can be added on using sticky dots which are included.

There is a light box which operates using three double A batteries. (The batteries are not included) A single one touch button activates the multicolor light show that cycles through the many colors creating a lovely soothing light show..

I love that My Sign! comes with an automatic shut-off so it doesn't drain the batteries in one night. Although it is not available yet, it is scheduled to be on the market this fall - so it should be on shelves soon.

Uncle Milton Toys My Sign Light Up NamePlate
What Comes in the Box?
  • One Frame
  • One Nameplate
  • One Light Pod
  • 4 Frame Supports (For Attaching the Light Pod to the Frame)
  • Two Sheets of Letter Stickers
  • One sheet of Double Sided Sticker Dots
  • One sheet of Punch Out Transparent Graphic Designs
  • Instructions
How Does it Work?

It is as easy as 1-2-3-4:

As you can see in the photo collage above, we opened the box and sorted the contents, then we decorated to our own desires.  Since we have two boys and they could only choose one name they decided to make a sign for their "Man Cave".  I stifled my laugh and we moved on.

Once the sign was decorated to their liking we opened the door to the battery compartment on the light pod and put three double A batteries in then screwed the door back into place.  Finally, we attached the light pod to the frame using the four support pieces.

Here is How it Looks When we Turn the Lights on:

The light is easy to turn on, we only had to push a small button on the back of the light box.  It then cycled through a series of colors which glowed softly through the transparent nameplate and shapes.

The cycle continues until the button is pressed to stop the light show or the automatic shutoff time limit is reached.  The soothing nature of the soft and changing light patterns is great for lulling a child to sleep, too.

The sign is a little over thirteen inches long and about four inches tall.

Keep your eye on the the Uncle Milton website or check with your favorite toy retailer for a release date.