Wednesday, April 23, 2014

@Purex Limited Edition Fabulously Fresh Laundry Crystals and Spring Sweeps! (With a Give Away!)

Purex Limited Edition Crystals
Purex Fabulously Fresh Limited Edition Crystals
  • Keep Laundry smelling Fresh For Weeks
  • A Clean Springtime Scent Like Rain on Flowers
  • Use the Special Measuring Cap to Get Just Enough Scent
  • Add to Wash at the Start of the Cycle
  • For Regular and HE Washers - Safe for the Environment
  • Visit the Purex WebPage at for More Information
  • Find Purex on Facebook and Twitter
  • Enter the Purex Fabulously Fresh Sweepstakes through 4/28/14
Purex Limited Edition Crystals
I am already a fan of Purex Laundry Crystals so I was eager to try this new limited edition scent.  I found the Fabulously Fresh formula to be extremely pleasing to the senses.  To me it smells like walking in a garden after a spring rain shower.

Purex packages the crystals in a bottle that comes with a cap which can be used to measure the proper amount of crystals for each load.  There is also an easy pour design to keep dispensing neat and accurate.

Purex Limited Edition Crystals
The crystals themselves are a pretty kiwi green color.  They look so nice I have even placed some around the house as air fresheners.

The scent that is left on the laundry is not overpowering, and is controlled by how much I decide to add to a load.  I especially like to use these on sheets and pillowcases so that when they come out of the linen closet after a week or two they still smell freshly laundered.

Purex Limited Edition Crystals
I also used these crystals on some of the  the spring clothes that we are finally wearing again after the longest winter I can ever remember.

Sadly, this is a limited edition scent, so grab some while you can.  The good news is that Purex also makes crystals in Fresh Spring Water, Lavender Blossom, and Tropical Splash scents - and they also have a gentle formula for bay laundry.

Purex also wants to award a lucky winner some brand new spring clothes!

Don't miss the chance to win the Purex Bring on Spring Sweepstakes where one lucky winner will win a year's supply of these limited edition laundry crystals and a  $1,000 shopping spree for a Fabulously Fresh new wardrobe!

One Hundred other fans will win a free bottle of Purex® Crystals Fabulously Fresh to try out for themselves.  Hurry and enter now - the sweepstakes ends on April 28, 2014 at 3PM.

I am also hosting my own mini sweeps!  

One lucky winner will win two coupons.  Each one is good  for a FREE bottle of Purex Fabulously Fresh Limited Edition laundry crystals.  The expiration date on the coupons is September 1st,  2014.

Purex Limited Edition Crystals
If you would like to try your luck, use the form below.  Be sure to complete each entry properly so that they are all valid.
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Good Luck!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Enter to Win This Little Bites #EarthDay Prize Pack Valued at $60

Little Bites Earth Day prize pack
Did you see the post I wrote about the new Pouch Brigade program from Entenmann's and TerraCycle?  If you missed it you'll want to check it out here:  Entenmann's and TerraCycle pouch Brigade and Earth Day Sweeps.

I think this program is a great new way to raise funds for schools and non-profit organizations.  There is also a link to a big sweepstakes that will run through the end of this month.

While you wait to see if you have won the big prize you can also enter this special giveaway just for my readers.  I have been granted the opportunity to offer a Little Bites prize pack that will include the items pictured in the photo above.
  • One Insulated Little Bites Upcycled Lunch Bag Valued at $15
  • FOUR Product Coupons for FREE Entenmann's Little Bites Products (Up to $5 Each)
  • One $25 Home Improvement Gift Card
This is a really great giveaway, and it will run through May 4th.
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Be sure to complete your entries properly and don't forget that you can Tweet daily!

Good Luck!

Monday, April 21, 2014

@Entenmanns and @TerraCycle Celebrate Their Pouch Brigade Partnership With a Huge Sweeps! #EarthDay

Little Bites
Entenmann's and TerraCycle Have Teamed Up and Your School or Charity can Benefit
  • Collect Used Pouches from Little Bites Products
  • Send in Collections of 2 lbs or Greater
  • Your Non-Profit Organization or School Will Earn 2 Cents or 2 Points for Each Pouch 
  • Pouches are Recycled or Upcycled to Make New Earth Friendly Products
  • Learn More At the Entenmann's Website (
  • You Can Also Visit Entenmann's on Facebook Follow on Twitter and Instagram
  • TerraCycle Has a Website, a Facebook Page, and a Twitter Account
Every April the calendar sets aside a special day for "Earth Day".  This has been an effective way to help raise awareness of the ways that we can be more environmentally conscious.  Of course, we are called to be good stewards of the earth on all days, and when companies provide ways for us to reduce waste that are mutually beneficial for company and consumer it makes it even easier.

Entenmann's and TerraCycle have done just that.  Your school or non-profit organization is invited to form a "pouch brigade" to collect used pouches from  Entenmann's Little Bites products.  The pouches will go to a TerraCycle facility and then be recycled or upcycled into different earth friendly products.  When the new products become worn, they too can be recycled again.

Little Bites and TerraCycle
Both companies are very excited about this partnership, and they are celebrating through April 30th with a huge sweepstakes in honor of Earth Day.

To join the celebration and enter to win some great prizes you will want to visit this webpage:
Entenmann's Little Bites Earth Day Sweepstakes

The Grand prize of $5,000 will be awarded at the end of the sweepstakes period and it can be used by winner to build the garden of their dreams!

Each week ten First Prize winners will win a prize pack with some of the items pictured above.  These include an Insulated Little Bites Branded Lunch Sack valued at $15, and $25 Home Depot Gift Cards.

Additionally, fifteen Second Prize winners will win an Entenmann’s Little Bites coupon.

Follow the link above and enter your information for your chance to win!

Of course, everyone can be a winner if they join the Entenmann's Little Bites Pouch Brigade®, I mentioned earlier. This free recycling program and a fundraising opportunity is such a great idea.  Kids (and adults!) love Little Bites so the pouches are sure to add up fast.

Little Bites Products
With so many flavor varieties to choose from, nobody ever gets tired of Little Bites!

The pouch brigade also would love parents to take the time to teach children things  like how to look for numbers and recycling symbols on plastics.  This is the best way to learn what materials get reused.

This is also a great time to make the switch to reusable lunchbox containers for sandwiches and snakes.  These can be brought home and used over again.  Think about which disposable containers can be cleaned and repurposed. Find some fun ideas here:

Finally, teach children about biodegradable items.  You can even start composting! Let them know which foods can be brought back home to be added to your project.  It is pretty simple.  Compost needs browns - which are leaves, twigs, and paper products, greens - which consist of yard trimmings, fruit and veggie leftovers like cores, peels, and uneaten pieces, and water.  The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has more detailed instructions which can be found here:

Good luck in the Sweepstakes, and Best wishes for a successful Pouch Brigade program!

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