Saturday, November 13, 2010

Gratitude Challenge ~ Day 13

Today I'm going to focus my gratitude on my younger brother.  I remember when he was born.   He was an adorable baby, and  I was fascinated by him.  Being the youngest, he had to roll with the punches.   He's developed a great sense of humor and an easy going personality.  He even does stand up comedy when he has the opportunity.  He was a really cool little kid, so I took him under my wing when he was little.  I liked reading to him, and by the time he was five, he could read chapter books.   We both found the same things funny, and would laugh ourselves silly over the costumes on "Let's Make a Deal" and quote the corny lines from TV shows and fall down laughing.

When we were older, I paved the way for him by doing the outrageous things first.  For instance, when I got a tattoo, you would have thought that I had confessed to first degree murder.  When he got his, it was like nothing.  (I won't share ALL of our misbehavior on a public blog, but you get the idea.. *wink*)  My friends and I brought him along to hockey games and he became a devoted fan.  I let him borrow my music, my car, and pretty much whatever he asked for.  I really liked having him around.   I still do.  I love just talking with him.  We always laugh.  Always.  I know that part of being the "baby" of the family is that you have to use humor to cover up the hurts because everybody is way too busy to notice that you're not okay - but  his humor is genuine and his laughter is contagious.  I've always really LIKED him, just because of who he is

I love my baby brother so much.

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