Thursday, April 28, 2011

Friday's Fave Five ~ April 29

On Fridays I like to participate in the Friday's Fave Five Meme hosted by Susanne at Living to Tell the Story.  It gives me a chance to look back over the past week and pick out the best parts.

Here are the top five for the past week.
  1. Easter. It was wonderful to go to Vigil Mass and say "Alleluia" again!    One word can mean so much!  It is a beautiful sound after not saying it for all of Lent.   It was also nice to spend time together with family.

  2. Speaking of Lent, I was involved in a daily Lenten meme that Trish from A House Upon the Rock was hosting.   I really enjoyed it, and looked forward to the end of the day when I could sit to write my posts and read the others.  I have been missing it!

  3. Flowers.   I received an amazing bouquet of cut flowers from ProFlowers as part of a review and giveaway.  They stayed beautiful for ten days.   I love flowers, and the arrangement gave me a lot of smiles.

  4. My brave boys.  Today Boy One was riding his two-wheeled bicycle like a pro, and Boy Two was petting a dog.  (A pit bull, even!!)  It doesn't sound like much, but these guys haven't wanted anything to do with two wheeled bikes once they got too big for training wheels.  Their Aspergers gives them trouble with their sense of balance and spacial issues, and their gross motor skills aren't always perfectly coordinated.  I decided not to push it, and to let them come to me when they were ready.  Boy One got it in his head he wanted to ride last week, and he was up and running in no time.   Boy Two has been sitting on his, getting a feel for it, and I suspect he'll be riding soon, too - but he was the one petting the dog.  That's huge.  Very huge!   The neighbors have a German Shepherd.   She's pretty intimidating.  She jumped over the fence and into our yard one day, trying to get our cat.  It took a while for the trauma of that to wear off.

  5. A husband who would spend a weekend morning building two bikes.  (TWO bikes with really poorly worded instructions, even!)  He made Boy One so happy!!

I hope you all have had a memorable week, too.