Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday's Fave Five ~ April 8th


I have just under 30 minutes left to my Friday, which is good.  I'd hate to miss a Friday's Fave Five.    This weekly meme hosted by Susanne at Living to Tell the Story has become a highlight of my week.  Although I was down and out most of today with some sort of sickness, I seem to have recovered, and just in time!

Here are some of the highlights from my week:
  1. A fun night at a hockey game with my sister, my niece and some good friends.  What a night!  A friend was being honored with a ceremony that was broadcast over the JumboTron of Madison Square Garden, and my sister was the one reading the tribute to him!  Seeing his pictures, and hearing her voice in such a huge venue was surreal, and definitely a once in a lifetime experience.  Sharing it with a good friend made it even better.. and the game was exciting, too.

  2. My husband's hard work that he puts into his music is paying off.  He had a great show the last time he played, and tonight he is playing a large, pretty impressive venue.  (professional sound check, special passes required to be backstage)  This is a step up from his usual gigs, and pretty exciting!

  3. I mentioned that I was sick today.  After lunch, I absolutely couldn't be upright for another minute.  I gave the boys instructions to complete their writing and Latin assignments and I went to lay down.  They completed their work, neatly and without wasting time.  I was so proud of them!  I rewarded them with video games (something usually reserved for weekends) and they impressed me again by sticking to their time limits, and not getting hyper or aggressive while playing.  (maybe I should be sick more often?)

  4. Babysitting.  It doesn't sound like much, but it was never very easy to leave the boys with anyone, even my mother.   With their Asperger syndrome, they would be anxious the entire time we were out.  It made it impossible for me to enjoy myself, and we didn't exactly have people lining up for the job.   It's been nice to be able to go out and do a few things without the weight of that worry around my neck.

  5. This:  I already posted it on Facebook this week, but it still makes me laugh.  I kept finding little splashes of water on the floor by our water cooler.   I would admonish the boys to stop being so careless, somebody could slip on the tile and get hurt!  LOL.. look who I caught in the act!  (with her little stubby tail sticking up in the air)
Naughty Cat

Whew!  Made it!  I hope you all had a wonderful, Blessed week!