Saturday, April 2, 2011

Lent, Day 22

Today is Autism Awareness Day.  In the Catholic Church today, the reading was from Hosea, and while the words were written about the people of an ancient Israel, I applied them to our lives.  He will heal us.. he will bind us.. he will restore us.

I don't really fall into a camp about autism.  I listen to all sides, because I figure everyone has something to offer.  I see traits genetically, and I see where environment could have factored it as well.  I would love to see my children "cured", but I have accepted that it might never happen, and perhaps isn't meant to happen.

What I know for certain is that my children are perfect in the eyes of God, and I probably focus too much on how I can fix two children who seem to be content with themselves as they are.

So, as I beat myself up over thinking that, I was given some salve for the wounds.  The Gospel today was a parable of two men, one who did everything right and was quite pleased with himself for his fasting and tithing.  The other man knew he was a sinner, and begged for mercy.  I mentally rearranged the story to be about the perfect parent and myself in the place of the two men.

I'm glad I was reminded of my flaws, and also glad I was reminded of God's amazing mercy.