Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Lent, Day 24

My sons tend to be a little bit anxious.  It's just who they are.  It's part of living with Asperger Syndrome.  They like things to be just so.  Last night I was out a bit late which upset their routine, and there are some things coming up over the next few days that they are concerned about as well.   Today we were in damage control mode, and I probably will be for a couple more days, too.  They've come a long way, and gotten some really good coping skills, but at night, like most of us, the things that are on their mind become larger and more troubling.

As we go through these cycles, I am reminded that faith is not an innate quality.  It needs constant reinforcement, nurturing, and reminders.  It needs to be tended to and practiced.

I want to be one of the people that exudes calm, with God's good grace shining all over me - but it comforts me to talk to the people who seem to be this way.  It is still daily work for them, too.  Reading the memoirs of some of the people I admire most, I find this to be true as well.   I suppose that's what makes it so precious.  It's always just a hair's breadth from slipping out of my hands.