Monday, April 11, 2011

Lent, Day 29

He was tempted in the desert.  He was misunderstood, overworked, and taken for granted.

He saw his father's house used as a den of thieves.   He was tested by men who wanted to trick him.

His friends were considered lowly and undesirable, and this King lived simply.

He was left to pray and fear alone while his students all fell asleep.

He was betrayed by a kiss, and condemned to die.

His best friend denied him, three times.

He was mocked, humiliated and beaten ~ left without even his clothes.

He carried the cross that would be the means of his death, stumbling under its weight.

He was nailed to the wood and then hung between two thieves.

He is not an unreachable deity.

He understands, he feels, and he knows ~ Take your troubles to him.

He waits.