Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Lent, Day 31

I feel surprised that this is the 31st day of Lent.  Because I spent this year dwelling on the blessings of this season, it has made everything  much different for me.  I think spending this time at the end of the day reflecting has been good for me, too.  (Thank You, Trish!)

Of course, now that I have spent 30 days getting my life back on track, I don't intend to hurry through to the end and then put it aside until next Ash Wednesday.  I will take some of the things I have been doing, and continue them throughout the year.  That's one of the reasons we sacrifice.  For growth.

In a different post, I wrote about how we welcome new Catholics into the Church on Holy Saturday at the Easter Vigil.   From that day until Pentecost Sunday is called their period of Mystagogy.   It's a celebratory period almost like a honeymoon.  The new members enjoy Eucharist, and the experience of being fully Catholic.  I think that I want to have a life of Mystagogy.  I have had times in my life where I only went through the motions.  I much prefer being an active and attentive participant.