Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Gratitude Challenge 2011 - Day One #Gratitude

2011 Gratitude Challenge

Welcome to Day one of the Gratitude Challenge hosted by Brenda who blogs at Garden of Learning.  the daily meme will run all month long though November, and bloggers are invited to join and link up a gratitude related post as frequently as they wish.  No pressure, just a chance to express thanks and remember the things that are truly important.

I just spent four days without power.  It was a wonderful exercise in separating my wants from my needs.  As usual, my needs were all met.  I have been uncomfortable, I have been inconvenienced and I have even been occasionally grumpy - but I have been fed, and I had plenty of warm clothes, and blankets.  I have had offers of hospitality and respite from the cold.  We were driving home from an event when the snow began, and we saw several automobile accidents, but we arrived home safely.

I am grateful to be so blessed, and for a loving God who knows my every need.

Isiah 49:16