Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday's Fave Five - 1/13

fff winter button

Happy Friday the Thirteenth!  I'm feeling lucky today.  As I'm reflecting over another week in the story of my life, there were so many laughs, smiles, and good times! The minor blips, annoyances, and sad things were eclipsed once again.

Today I'll join Susanne at Living to Tell the Story every Friday for Friday's Fave Five , to share five highlights from the past seven days.  I love to read the other blogs that have linked up, too.  The posts run the gamut of happy, profound, funny and spiritual.  As a bonus, some have the most amazing photos!

Here are my Five Favorites:

1.  I have a brother who lives in Ohio.  He's an airline pilot, so luckily, we see him more often than if her were an accountant, but it is still not nearly enough!  He had a few days off this past weekend, and flew to New York.  All of my siblings and four of our seven collective children got together on Friday night. We shared dinner, games, and conversation.  My mother was thrilled - It's not very often that she has us all together!  On Saturday, we had a nice lunch that lasted late into the afternoon.

family fun

2.  I took the entire day on Sunday, and took down the tree and all of my Christmas decorations.  I know that the current trend is minimalist, but I doubt I will ever be able to minimize my Christmas decorating.  Every Room gets a touch of the season, and our tree is huge.  The cleanup is quite something.  It looks like a disaster area for a while, but slowly my house comes back together, as I clean, pack, sweep, dust, and the ordinary things are put back in their proper places.  Just in time to begin the Valentine's Day decorating.  *grin*

Valentines Decorating

3.  My insomnia and pain issues have been worse than usual for a few weeks.  I'm up late, and the weight of blankets on my skin feels like torture.  I have been spending the wee morning hours with my little cat.  She's been such a sweet snuggly thing, she is perfect company.  After a while, her purring lulls me to sleep. My very black cat gets a special shout out on this Friday the Thirteenth.

sweet kitty

4.  The boys set New Year's goals, and one was to continue to train hard at mixed martial arts. They both showed very good effort in their classes and received a stripe toward their next rank on Wednesday.  Positive reinforcement works wonders with these guys.  They both took an extra class this week!

MMA Class

 5.  My husband has not been feeling well.  He's had some significant back pain off and on for almost a month now.  I feel for him.  I've had surgery for herniated discs and remember all too well what sciatic pain feels like!  In spite of this, he has still does so much.  He even took down the outdoor Christmas decorating and brought the tree back up to the attic.  He is definitely my Valentine.  All year long.

Valentine's Door

I wish you a wonderful week ahead. =)