Thursday, February 23, 2012

Forty Days of Seeking Him, Day Two

I'm linking up again with Trish at House Upon the Rock, and Laura at Day by Day in Our World for this Lenten meme. 

I always enjoy the readings at Ash Wednesday Mass.  We are urged to rent our hearts, rather than our garments.  Torn garments were a sign to the world that one was in great pain.  We are instructed to keep our sacrifice, almsgiving, and fasting quiet.  We should go into the world with a smiling face, and to not look for a pat on the back or any recognition.  

When I was younger, we would try to one up each other with what we were "giving up".  I loved to hear the gasp when I proclaimed I was giving up television.  It seemed like such a huge deal to my peers.  (the truth is, I barely missed it!) The problem with shining a spotlight on a sacrifice is that it no longer becomes an offering to God, but to rather to the people we hope to impress.