Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday’s Fave Five

FFF feb.

Happy Friday! It's time to link up with Susanne at Living to Tell the Story for Friday's Fave Five.

Here are five highlights from the past week.

1.  At this very moment, my laundry hamper is empty, and the toilets and surfaces of all three bathrooms are clean.  I am typing fast so that by the time I hit publish this will still be true.

sparkling toilet

2.  I read a post by a friend about keeping a record of rights.  I thought it was such a wonderful idea that I bought a leather bound journal, and am keeping a written "record of rights" for my boys.  We always end each day by reflecting on our proudest and least proud moments, but now, I am recording the good stuff, for posterity, along with short notes from me.

love 02
3.  My first grade CCD class can be a bit of a handful.  They are darling children, but they come to me right after a long day at school, and before dinner.  That's no easy feat for seven year old!

This week, the director of the entire diocese came to visit.  She is a sweet and wonderful nun, with a beautiful heart, and a huge love for children.  I was holding my breath for a moment or two, nervous about how our visit would go.  To my surprise, they were so good!  She spoke with them and asked them some questions for about fifteen minutes.  They sat up straight, used nice language, and showed the proper respect.  I was so proud of them!

As soon as she was out the door, they just about fell apart at the seams, but they were so good for Sister Kevin, I almost fainted.

CCD Class

4.  We had a day that was very unusual for us this week.  I'm pretty organized, and ordinarily have things lined up properly so that all will go smoothly.  This day.. well, it blindsided me.  The boys woke up late.  Very late.  It made our school day rushed.  We hurried out to an appointment, but the doctor ran late.  When he finally saw us, he was soooo chatty.  This would be fine any other day, but this was the day I teach the previously mentioned CCD class.  I knew Sister Kevin was coming, and wanted to be organized.  God laughed.

I got to the school in the nick of time.  I had a lot to carry, so I locked the doors before I gathered up my things.   I never do this, but I knew my arms would be full and trying to push the button might make me drop everything.  I turned to close the door with my hip.  As the door was closing, I noticed I had dropped my keys - in the car.  I had to call my mother to bring my spare key.

From there, we went to visit friends who live in an an area where roads don't have streetlights, or center lines, or shoulders.  But they do have a lot of deer and wile life.  Arriving in the dark was like playing a video game - but we did arrive safely, and we had a nice visit.

The trip home went a bit wonky when the GPS kept turning me in circles. After I passed the same police officer 3 times, he pulled me over thinking I must have been drinking.  (I wasn't!)  We had to go through the license and registration deal with the bright light shining in the car.  The boys had never experienced such a thing before.  I was laughing, because the whole thing was comical, but they were not amused - sure I would be carted off to a gulag before it was over.  Finally, he come back with my papers, put us in the right direction, and we were on our way.

Where's the fave?  There are few, I guess - My anxious Aspies didn't freak out on me.  (they were funny later as we talked about it and they described how they were feeling as all these things were happening)  They got to see problem solving skills in action, and (biggest fave of all) they told me how cool it was that as everything kept happening, one cray thing after the other, after the other, I didn't flinch. Go me!

5.  It seems that my husband has been saying some very nice things about me.  I won't bore you with another long story, but he forwarded me an email that made me wonder just what he must be saying.  A friend wanted to know more about our parenting, thinking that it might be helpful to share some ideas with other parents of Aspie kids.  I love that he is respectful and complementary toward me - even when I'm not listening.

autism awareness

I wish you all a wonderful week.