Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday’s Fave Five – 3/16


Unfortunately, last Friday I was unable to participate in Friday’s Fave Five.  I was a bit under the weather.


Thankfully, I have recovered considerably, and may get a post published before midnight today.  I will be linking up with Susanne at Living to Tell the Story.   She is the hostess of Friday’s Fave Five; a weekly meme which provides a chance to stop, count each week’s blessings, and share them with some of the sweetest women in the internet.

1.  This week’s number one is definitely modern medicine.  I entered the ER on Friday dehydrated and unable to keep even a sip of water down.  A few IV bags later, and after a dose of anti-emetic medication, I felt almost human again.  I was able to come back home and finally sleep.

IV fluid

2.   I’m also thankful for my mother’s help.  My husband had an important commitment as I came down with my awful case of the flu.  My mother came and stayed with the boys while I was being restored.  She also lavished them with wonderful things for several hours which made them forget their anxiety about me.


3.  As I began to feel better, the weather did, too!  We had three gorgeous, sunny days with temps in the mid seventies.  I had the windows open, and the boys played outside.  It felt fantastic.  Green shoots are popping out of the ground, and I’m looking forward to the sight of the first crocus.


4.  I thought we could call Friday a “sick day”, but as I was resting, to my surprise, the boys were working.  They turned their schoolwork over to me when I came downstairs to get them some lunch.  What good boys!  They also received another stripe on their Green belts this week.  They have been training hard at Mixed Martial Arts!


5.  My husband and his band were booked to be headlining at a show about an hour and a half from our home on the day that I was so ill.  He was very torn about leaving me, but he had to fulfill his commitment, too.  I kept assuring him it was fine, but he felt so guilty, it was almost funny.

It turns out the show became almost like a spin off of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.  I should have had him hold raffle on my behalf - I received so many well wishes, I started to feel silly!

save Ferris

I wish you a wonderful (and healthy!) week.  =)