Sunday, March 11, 2012

Friday’s Fave Five on Sunday 3/11 #Gratitude

fff winter button

I have been feeling absolutely wretched for days, I couldn’t even try to type a post on Friday.  Even so, I didn’t forget to stop and think about the ways I had been blessed in the week before.  So, better late than never, Friday's Fave Five - On Sunday.

1.  My other brother.  Last week, I was glad to have spent time with my big brother.  This week, I was happy to have spent time with my little brother.  He’s such a sweet soul, and always quick with a joke and a smile - even when his own heart is hurting.

Little Brother

2.  The day before I was overcome by the vapors, we had the most gorgeous 75 degree day.  The sun was shining, I had the windows open, and it was so nice to remember Spring.  It’s almost here. 


3.  An evening mini retreat with other CCD instructors.  There was a wonderful turn out, and it was very good for my spirit.  

4.  The boys went to a birthday party at a roller skating rink.  They had only been on roller skates one other time, but they were very eager to try again.  I was proud of them.  Sure they landed on their bottoms a few times, but by the time we left, they were staying on their feet, and having lots of fun!


5.  My husband is good.  He brings me home my very own Ben and Jerry’s ice cream.  He knows how to make me happy.

chubby hubby
I wish you a wonderful week.