Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday’s Fave Five - 4/13 #Gratitude

FFF tulips

Welcome to this week's Fridays Fave Five.  I missed last week, we were so busy with Holy Week activities! We surely had plenty to be grateful for though, and I was thinking of my FFF friends.  I hope you all had a Wonderful Easter.

Thank you to Susanne who is our hostess. She blogs at Living to Tell the Story.

Here are my Fave Five from the pats week:

1.  Easter - for obvious reasons - and also, the fact that my boys came with me to their first Easter Vigil Mass.  They were so focused, and attentive, and I was so proud of them!


2.  Tim Hawkins.  He makes us laugh, and I love it when we laugh.

Tim Hawkins

3.  NHL Playoff Season.  It's long.  It's gritty.  It's wonderful.

The Stanley Cup

 4.  No Schoolwork.  The boys and I have been kicking back, relaxing, playing games, and having fun.

Spring break

5.  My husband has been wanting this set up for a while now, and he finally got it.  He's really happy with it, and I love it when he's happy.

Orange Cab and Orange Head
I wish you a week full of blessings.