Thursday, May 31, 2012

AlphabeThursday–“B” is for Batman


I'm glad to be participating in another round of AlphabeThursday with Jenny from on my tangent...  I had fun with the Avengers last week, so I think I will keep going with the superhero theme.

This July, the movie The Dark Knight Rises will be released in theaters, and it's sure to be a blockbuster.

Batman movie poster

I love the many versions of Batman.  From the campy 60's guy, to today's dark and dangerous depiction, he is one of DC Comics most popular and most marketable characters.

Although he has no true superpowers, he has the best "stuff".  His gadgets are great to see in the films, and a gift to toy makers who get to replicate and market them.  Batman has come a long way from his can of shark repellent!  His armor, vehicles and weapons are fantastic!

The often emotionless, millionaire playboy who moonlights as the Dark Knight meets Bane this year.  Bane is a very bad guy.  Will Batman save Gotham again, or has he finally met his match?

Since the preview trailers are a little bit dark, I won't post any, but you can find them on the website and YouTube.