Thursday, September 20, 2012

AlphabeThursday Superhero Style! "R" is for Raven

raven george perez

I know, I know.. anyone would think that for "R" I would have chosen Robin, Batman's Boy Wonder - and that would be the logical choice - except that I wrote about Nightwing several weeks ago, and he was the first Robin.   I had to pick a plan B.  I think Raven is a really interesting character, I hope you will like her, too.

Raven has a human mother, Arella, but her father is a demonic spirit named Trigon.  How this came to be is a horrible story, but the result was Raven.  In order to protect her from her father, Arella allowed the pacifists from a dimension called Azarath to raise her daughter.  It was her hope that they would teach Raven to control her emotions, and to have a heart and a mind for peace.  This would help her quell the demonic half of her genetics.  She could not deny her paternity, and if she were to lose control of her emotions, she could become a demon as awful as her father.

The plan worked.  Raven grew into a kind young lady with an amazing empathy link, some psychic abilities, and limited healing powers due to the fact that she could absorb the pain and injury of others.  When she learned who her father was, and eventually met him, she was well prepared to resist him.

raven tony daniel

Unfortunately, resistance is not the same as immunity.  There were times that Trigon broke through to Raven, and she realized just how awful and how dangerous he was.  She also learned that he was planning to come to earth.

Raven ran to the Justice League to warn them but one of the members could sense that Raven had demon blood and convinced the others to turn her away.

Raven took her plea to the Teen Titans next.  The Titans welcomed her and made her a part of their team.  She had found a family and was *mostly* content.

Trigon continued his attempts to win Raven's soul.  Although she did lose control a couple of times, she was able to fight back and his evil did not win.  When he kidnapped her, the Teen Titans finally defeated him.  They imprisoned him in a dimension and felt he could not escape.  As a sort of penance, Arella (Raven's Mother) served as his guard.

Sadly, he did escape, and he went on an epic rampage.  He destroyed the dimension where Raven was raised, and came to earth to physically possess Raven.  The Titans were horrified as she insisted that they would have to kill her to destroy him, but they did what they had to do.  The good news is, Trigon was destroyed, and Raven emerged from the wreckage pure, and free of his evil.

Raven is also a star of the Teen Titans animated series.  She looks great in Japanamation.  She is a very spiritual character, and here she is seen meditating.

Raven Teen Titan

The series is meant for young people and while it has dramatic twists and turns, it also has some fun and lighthearted moments.

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