Friday, December 14, 2012

AlphabeThursday – Meet the Villains! D is For Dr. Octopus

Otto Octavius was a mild mannered kid.  He had a great and brilliant mind and his mother, Mary, was so proud of him!  His father, Torbert, was not as impressed and thought that Otto needed to be more manly. It was his opinion that a real man proved his worth with strength and might.  Torbert's strength and might didn't get him very far.  He was killed in a construction accident while Otto was still rather young.

This set off Otto's slightly crazy mother making her even more overprotective.  She basically forbid her son to take part in any strenuous or manual labor.

Putting his great brain to work, Otto did well and found his niche as a research scientist working with nuclear experiments.  In order to do his most dangerous work, Otto had invented a mechanical harness with long reaching arms that could do the dicey hands on tasks while he kept his distance.

It was at his job that he met Mary Alice Anders.  They dated for a while, and then Otto asked her to marry him.  This news did not go over well with crazy Momma Octavius who cried, carried on, and informed him that he was to break this engagement off immediately.  Otto didn't like this idea at all, and the dramatic quarrels continued - until Mom died of a heart attack right in the middle of one of their disagreements.

Wracked with guilt and distracted by his troubles, Otto caused a terrible lab accident.  As a result he was bathed in radiation which fused his harness to his body.  Now that it was a part of him, he found he could control the long arms with his mind!

The arms of the harness are made of titanium steel and are 6 feet long.  They can extend as long as 24 feet and they can lift up to 3 tons!  The ends have tri-tipped rotating pincers capable of gripping with a force of 170 psi.

Unfortunately, the changes to his brain also included a pull toward evil.  Otto chose to use his amazing intellect to become a criminal mastermind, and become Doc Ock.  He is most often battling with Spiderman, although he has also had his scuffles with Captain America, the Fantastic Four, and others.

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