Monday, December 3, 2012

BERG Pedal Karts Make Wonderful #Christmas Gifts! @bergtoysusam


When he was a young boy, Henk van den BERG built a pedal go-kart in a barn on his parents' farm.  As soon as he let his friends have some fun with it, they all wanted to have one too.  Little did he know that this was the modest beginning of the BERG Company.

Now, several decades later, BERG makes some of the most incredible pedal karts you have ever seen!. These beautiful pedal go-karts come in many colors, shapes, and sizes.  You will find them for sale in more than forty countries. They even have some special lines with Jeep and Ferrari branding.

The first thing I noticed about the BERG Karts were the attractive designs.  Upon closer inspection I was taken in by the sturdy construction and craftsmanship.

BERG's designers do a great job keeping up with the latest trends.  Together with the engineers they combine style and function to create an outstanding product line of very high quality, eye catching pedal karts.

In addition to the attractive appearance, these karts undergo strict quality control. The company takes great care in its manufacturing process - allowing only the best materials and manufacturing techniques. Then there is quite a bit if testing done to ensure that the pedal karts are safe, comfortable, and durable.

BERG pedal karts are a great choice for any child, but there are also some great hidden benefits for special needs kids as well. When thinking in terms of my own sons (who have Asperger Syndrome) pedaling provides some much needed ankle and knee joint compression.  They are also getting exercise for their large muscle groups. This type of work can improve balance, coordination, and body awareness.

Also, managing a two wheeled bicycle can be a tough task for a kid on the autism spectrum.  A pedal kart provides stability - and an alternative that is cool!  Kids can join in the pedaling fun without feeling embarrassed or frustrated. When my sons outgrew their training wheels they would have loved a BERG pedal Kart!

BERG Toys also makes a product line called MOOV.  I just love this concept!  Children can design and build their own actual ride on toys. What a cool way to combine planning, building and playing  What great exercise for the mind, and the body! There is also a sense of pride and accomplishment.

The whole lineup of BERG karts can be seen by visiting the BERG USA website at You may also choose to like the facebook pagefollow on Twittersubscribe to the BERG USA blog or check out the YouTube channel.

Order by December 19th to ensure delivery in time for Christmas!