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Freeing Tanner Rose - A New Young Adult Novel by @TMGaouette (With Give Away!)

Freeing Tanner Rose
Freeing Tanner Rose - Faith and Kung Fu - Book One
  • Written by T. M. Gaouette
  • Released January 5th,2014
  • 202 Pages - English Language
  • Christian Young Adult Fiction
  • Publisher's List Price - $9.99
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Tanner Rose is a fourteen year old movie and television star.  She enjoys her fame and is deep into the Hollywood party scene.  When her behavior gets out of control her mother sends her to stay at the country home of her college friend, Miss Ruth.  The plan is for Tanner to rest and regroup so that she will be able to focus when filming for her new upcoming show.

Unfortunately for Tanner her problem is not that she is too stressed - the child is addicted to drinking and smoking and when she is out partying there are drugs and boys who have impure intentions.  Her self esteem rests in her fame so she does not appreciate being dropped off in the middle of nowhere and especially not at the home of a boy that is not impressed by her status.  She doesn't know what to make of Miss Ruth's son, Gabriel.

Gabriel is sixteen and he is a very devout Catholic.  He and his friends are all clean cut and fairly innocent.  Gabriel is also extremely handsome and in good physical condition.  Each day he practices martial arts and is quite accomplished.

As most people who are mired in addiction or other bad behaviors do, Tanner tries to corrupt Gabriel and his friends.  Every time that they go out Tanner does something infuriating or embarrassing.  Gabriel tries not to let her get under his skin but because of his own issues, she does.  Amazingly, he is able to tell her in plain language why her behavior is unacceptable and talk in clear language about how God's love is better than fame or parties or any of the things Tanner holds dear and confuses for happiness.

The story takes some twists and some turns as we learn more about both of the teens and their issues.  It comes to a point where either Gabriel's faith will attract Tanner and allow her to let her true self shine through or Tanner's life will tempt Gabriel to do things he never even considered.

This is the first book in a four story series.  It pulled me in quickly and I read it cover to cover.  The characters are both a little bit complex, and each chapter reveals a little bit more about them.  Although it stands alone just fine it did leave me wondering what will become of the two, especially Tanner Rose.  I hope the next book is published soon! 

The book is Christian young adult fiction - but parents may want to read it with their teens. There are so many topics that will open up for discussion because it addresses so many relevant topics.  You could choose substance abuse, peer pressure, parent/child relationships, (including the importance of behavioral boundaries) the trappings of fame, and more - especially temptations!

If you would like to purchase your own copy, you can order The Destiny of Sunshine Ranch online by visiting the author's website, Barnes and Noble or through Amazon.
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