Thursday, October 4, 2012

AlphabeThursday Superhero Style – T is for Thor

Thor - Marvel Comics

Anyone who has seen The Avengers movie now knows Thor - but Thor has been a comic legend for many years.  In fact, it was way back in 1962 that Marvel introduced the Norse God of Thunder.

His signature outfit with the flowing robe, and the winged helmet were a great compliment to his flowing hair and amazing strength.  Thor hails from the planet Asgard where he is the Crown Prince, and the son of King Odin.  Thor also has an adopted brother, Loki.  Loki has some serious personal issues, not the least being that he is insanely jealous of his brother.

Thor cover - marvel comics

Thor has the ability to call down lightning and thunder, and his weapon is a hammer.  A hammer may seem a bit lame, but it is an awesome hammer that can only be lifted by him.  If you look at the photo below, you will see that the hammer has some neat special features, too.  (and you would NOT want to be the its target)

Thor 03

After years of comic book and  animated cartoon fame Thor finally scored a major motion picture in 2011, and as I mentioned, he was a major player in this years Avengers film.

In the first film, the problem is Loki - the jealous brother.  He has an unquenchable thirst for power.  So much so that he has contrived a very complicated plot.  His plans include destroying a truce, seeing his brother banished and stripped of his power, and allowing an enemy on to Asgard to kill his father, the king.  As a result of the goings on in Asgard, Thor finds himself on Earth, without his powers.

This works out well for the science team he encounters, and Thor becomes endeared with Earth and her people.  Thankfully, in the end, good triumphs over evil, Thor regains his powers and and promises to serve as a protector.   Loki does not fare as well, and also learns a disturbing truth about his true heritage.

He is called to make good on this promise in the Avengers movie.  The problem is Loki  -once again. He has another terrible plan of destruction and a lust for power.  The Avengers are called to assemble when Loki makes his first appearance at a S.H.E.I.L.D. facility, killing some and placing others under an enslaving enchantment.

Thor shows up a little bit late to the party - after the Avengers have taken Loki into custody.

Thor 05

Better late than never, Thor is an important part of the team, and vital to the story - once he stops fighting with the good guys.  His first inclination is to take Loki away and deal with him alone, so there is a bit of a clash of wills.

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Now - for full disclosure - it is only fair to say that I do have a slight Thor obsession.  I have a wide array of Thor items, toys, t-shirts, blankets, my iPhone case, my screen saver, and on and on, and on.  Yes, I freely admit it.