Sunday, November 14, 2010

Gratitude Challenge ~ Day 15

Brenda, who blogs at Garden of Learning, is hosting a gratitude Challenge for the month of November.  Each day a bunch of us are posting about the things we are grateful for.  I can't believe the month is already halfway over!   That doesn't mean it's too late to be a part of it, so please, head over to join in, or just to read the great posts that are being shared.  (and of course, leave some comments... bloggers love comments!!)

Today I'm grateful for all the people who do things without looking for praise or accolades.   I'm thinking of the volunteers who work in hospitals, churches, schools, shelters and wherever else they are needed.  The parents who coach the sports teams, lead the scout troops, teach Sunday school, make the costumes or the scenery for plays, bake for the parties and fundraisers, or chaperone activities.  I'm thinking of mentors, sponsors, and advisors who help the kids in their neighborhoods.   Don't forget the families who send money to help children they will never meet, except through a brochure and occasional letters, the foster families who can always make room for one more, or the missionaries at home and abroad who go where there are called - places many of us wouldn't dare, and give so much .  This is just the tip of the iceberg.  I couldn't make a complete list, or I would be typing until Christmas.   We live in a generous nation.   We get a bad reputation for being self centered because of the people we glorify as a culture - which is a pity.   I have taught my boys for years about charity, and doing for others.  Not just with words, but with my actions.  I hope that just as I learned this from my parents, that they will learn from me.