Sunday, November 21, 2010

Gratitude Challenge ~ Day 22

I was talking to my mother about a woman we know who is suffering with Alzheimer's.    It made me grateful for my memories.

I have an amazing memory.  I can think about certain times in my life, and remember them with amazing clarity.  What I was wearing, what song was playing, what we were eating... everything.  So, little things will often trigger memories.  A melody, a scent, a phrase or a movie poster.

I can remember the feel of my father's hands, the smell of my grandmother's kitchen, and my other Grandmother's house in Florida.   I can still recall the joy of my ballet costumes and recitals.  Nehi soda makes me think of fun times with my cousins.  The soundtracks to GodSpell, Bye, Bye Birdie or West Side Story bring me back to my High School auditorium and the fun I had in Drama Club.  As I laced my sons' skates up last week, I remembered how many times my mother did the same for me.  There are so many.. especially now that I'm married and have children.  (although the first sleep deprived year with the twins is a little fuzzy)

Meeting my husband, our wedding, finding out we were pregnant, learning that it was twins, when they were born, all their cute stages and obsessions.  It's all in there.

I hope I never lose my memories.  I treasure them so much.

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