Thursday, November 25, 2010

Gratitude Challenge ~ Day 26

Today I am grateful for my two lovable fuzzballs, Mrs Puff and Inky.

They are a little annoyed with me here for waking them up from their nap -  but I wanted a photo of them together.  The last time I posted about them, Inky was still pretty new to our family and they were still getting to know each other.  Now Mrs Puff has become a very good foster mother to this kitten.  She keeps her clean, and keeps her in line.  As you can see, they have become very fond of one another.

Mrs Puff came to us one cold, December night, in the middle of a snowstorm.   My husband was out in our back yard when he saw her.   She walked up to him,  climbed up his pant legs and into his arms.  Having never seen her before, he knew she didn't belong to any of our neighbors, so he brought her inside.  Once indoors, she curled up on the couch and took a nap.  She was never skittish for a single minute.  It was if she were meant to be here all along.  In the morning, we put her back out in case she had a home to go to, but she came back again.   None of the neighbors knew anything about her either.   She was a bit bedraggled when we took her in, but a few visits to the vet helped.  Now she is our fat and happy cat.  She is so good natured, and tolerates quite a bit from our boys who just love her to pieces.

Little Miss Inky came to us in July.  She is still just a kitten - about 6 months old.   She is the funniest cat I have ever owned.  She has long legs, and a stump of a tail.  She's long,  thin, and fast like lightning.  She also thinks she is a dog.  She likes to play fetch.  She will bring us her favorite toys and sit at our feet meowing until we throw them for her.  She streaks away after the toy, trots back with it in her mouth, drops it at our feet and meows again.   It's adorable.  She also is loyal like a dog.  The only people she likes are me, and my husband - and I'm the only one she will cuddle with.  (she's asleep on my lap now, and will follow me to bed later)

I love having these sweet cats as our pets.

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