Friday, December 10, 2010

Holiday Bliss ~ December 10

Holiday Bliss

We have been away for a few days.  Part of our Holiday Bliss for the past couple of years has been to go to Great Wolf Lodge in the Poconos.  We go during Homeschool Week, which is also in the beginning of December..  It's lots of fun for the boys, and worth the week it takes me to recuperate!

Here we are as the huge bucket of water empties onto us."

Water Bucket

I'll be posting more pictures on Facebook later.  It's really a great place for kids, and parents, too.

Taking a Break

Look who's raring to go, and look at how tired I am.  Thank God for Dad - he loves the slides as much as they do!

Share your Holiday traditions, recipes and joys with Brenda at her blog, Homeschool Garden this month.   It's a daily meme, and lots of fun.