Friday, January 21, 2011

You Just Never Know

snow plow

The snowplow came down our street way too early this (Friday) morning. I almost fell back to sleep after the first pass. The second time, I flipped over kind of agitated. Even the cats looked up with disdain. Then it came back for a third pass at it. The fourth time was a charm, and it finally went away - but by then the whole house was awake.

I figured with all of that plowing we must have gotten at least a foot of snow.. I peeked out the window, and was surprised to see it was only about 4 inches. Apparently all we really got was a guy who didn't know how to work the plow.

My first thought was that this had the makings of a rotten day. My joints were aching, we were up way too early, and the boys were trying to persuade me that they should get snow days. (it might have worked if they had gone back to bed for another three hours, but they were raring to go)

The funny thing is, it wound up being a really GOOD day. Not a "Wow, I'll never forget this day for the rest of my life!!" good, but productive and happy. I cooked, baked, cleaned and did laundry. A few nice things happened. I got a couple of emails that made me smile, some new review products came in the mail, the boys abandoned their complaining and did their school work. They were actually quite cheerful considering how much we have been cooped up inside the house this month.

I do feel like I've been beaten up a bit now, but some Tylenol PM should do the trick. I'll even be able to sleep tomorrow morning - thanks to a good husband who lets me sleep late on weekends!

I'm glad I didn't let the first few moments determine the outcome of my day.