Saturday, February 5, 2011

Ahhh... Saturday!!

I love Saturdays. My husband gets up with the boys. I get to sleep late. Then they go out together for a few hours while I catch up on anything with loose ends, and relax.

This has been a very long week. We had so much snow and ice. There was more overnight, and even more coming on Tuesday and Thursday.

It feels a little bit like this cartoon when I walk out and have snow as high as my waist.

sick of snow

Thankfully, we had plenty to do while the snow came down. We did schoolwork, cooked and baked, I had some reviews to do, and I also organized all of the work samples I had collected over the last semester and prepared them for portfolios. Now I am ready to make copies for our support school. On Thursday we went to Mass. Because of all the snow, I had forgotten is was the feast of Saint Blaise! We had our throats blessed, which the boys liked. We also made it to the library and the chiropractor when the sun finally came out.

I'm going to enjoy these two days of relaxation. I'll probably read, play POGO games, and catch up with email and facebook. We have a new game/puzzle to work on too, so that will be fun.

I hope everyone else is enjoying their weekend, too.