Friday, March 18, 2011

Lent, Day 9

Tomorrow is the Catholic Feast Day for Saint Joseph.    He is a Patron Saint against doubt and hesitation, and also the Patron Saint of a happy death, having died in the arms of Jesus and Mary.

I have great admiration for Joseph.  I marvel at his amazing faith and his obedience, but also, his humility.  This is the man that God chose to be the foster father of his son.  He accepted this without question.  He got up and went wherever he was told, he loved and cared for Jesus, and he took care of Mary.   He lived a simple life, he worked as a carpenter, and trained his foster son in the trade.  He did so much, yet he is rarely mentioned.

I pray for that kind of unwavering faith, unquestioning obedience, and genuine humility.

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