Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday's Fave Five

It's Friday again. Boy, this week flew by! (Why don't those dreary winter weeks go this quickly?) It's time for another Friday's Fave Five Post. Each week, on Friday, Susanne at Living to Tell the Story posts this meme. It's very friendly and fun. Some of the other posters are super creative, and take beautiful pictures. I love reading them. It's a great, feel good, make me smile part of the week.
I'm not so creative, but I have plenty of gratitude and things to be happy about.
  1. Fresh Air!! The heat is off, the windows are open, and the boys are spending hours of time outside playing.  They are getting that healthy glow back in their cheeks and sleeping soundly at night.

  2. Green! In many forms.  We had fun on St. Patrick's Day, we can actually see grass again, things are sprouting up where I have my bulbs planted, and, our tax return came back.  =)

  3. Friends and Family! We had a get together on Saturday.  It was nice to relax and have fun with people we love.

  4. Organization! It looks a little chaotic in my office area, but I know where everything is, and I do have a system.  I have been getting things done ahead of time lately.  I've completed the boys' assessments for their umbrella school and I'll have their new Fall curriculum lined up within a few weeks.  That means I don't even have to think about it all summer!  I've been really on top of semester grade and progress reporting, and all of my reviews, too.  It feels so good not to be rushed or pressured.

  5. My Family's Health and Safety! Every time I think about the people of New Zealand and Japan I feel so grateful that our little corner of the world is safe and secure right now.