Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Alphabe-Thursday - 5/12 - Delightful D!

It's Thursday again!  This week, Jenny at on my tangent.. is linking us all up to share some Letter "D" posts.  This is such a fun meme, some of the enties are absolutely stunning, and others are silly, like mine.  It's very low stress.   Just add a post and read ten others.

In honor of "D", I bring you:

Day Spas.  Because for Mother's Day, I received a Gift Card.  (much needed!)


My Dad, because his birthday just passed, and I miss him,


Dudes at a Dojo.  Boy One and Boy Two got Stripes on their belts! (and they seemed to have changed their names to Dude.  I don't hear names anymore!)


This Double Dipping Duo.  (It's nice of them to share!)


And Dunkin Donuts.  A nice hot pick me up when it's cold, and cool refreshment when it's warm.

I hope it's been a good week.

We'll do it again Next Thursday for "E".  thanks, Jenny!