Thursday, May 26, 2011

Fridays Fave Five - 5/27

It's Friday again.  On Fridays I link up with Susanne at Living to Tell the Story for Friday's Fave Five.   As Susanne puts it: It's time to look back over our week and find those things in our lives that were a blessing to us, big or small.

Here are mine:
  • I was able to visit with my big brother.  I love spending time with him!
  • My niece won a scholarship for a wonderful essay on Patriotism.  She's been advanced to the national competition now.  I'm so proud of her!
  • The same niece is an amazing artist.  We went to an exhibit where her work was displayed.  Her talent is breathtaking.
  • My boys were amazingly good and patient as they sat through the award ceremonies for my niece.  They also make me very proud when we discuss Memorial Day, and what it means.  I'm glad they get it.
  • The endless rains made our lawn into a bit of a jungle, and my very good husband managed to tame it.

I wish you all a wonderful week.  Thank you for being our hostess, Susanne!