Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Alphabe-Thursday–Fabulous “F”

Today, Jenny at on my tangent.. is hosting a Fun Filled Foray into the letter “F”.  Yes, this weeks Alphabe-Thursday meme will be full of “F” words… but good ones, like these:

Facebook – It was a relief to see people checking in and reporting that they were safe as devastating tornadoes ripped through their part of the country.  FB also provides an excellent way to dispatch important  information to so many people who need help or direction. 

baby picture

Family – I was able to visit with my big brother which is always special, and never long  enough.  I hated saying goodbye!  Weren’t we cute when we were little?  (He’s still pretty good looking)

crazy cat ladies

Felines – Because even though they crawl all over me or park themselves directly on my bladder when I’m sleeping, they are very cute, and sweet, and they provide me with a lot of entertainment and affection.
funny boys
Funny – these are my goofball sons making weird faces.  This is my reality.. and I love it.  

Thanks to Jenny for hosting Alphabe-Thursdays.  If you missed this week, you can always start working on your G list now, to be ready for the next one.