Thursday, June 2, 2011

Alphabe-Thursday - Glorious G -6/2


Welcome back to Alphabe-Thursday. This fun alphabet meme is hosted by Jenny at on my tangent..

Today we honor the letter "G". 

G is for hospital Gown. A week ago I began suffering with a kidney stone, and I have had two trips to the Emergency Room. Oh, how Gorgeous, those Gowns are! 

G is also for God's Good  Grace.  Which I have needed this week! 

G is for Grumpy.  Yes, I have been.

G is for Grandma.  The boys are sure Glad when she shows up!

G is also for Grateful, which is how I feel because my husband just knows what to do when I need to be alone to writhe.  He has kept things running smoothly around here.