Thursday, September 15, 2011

Alphabe-Thursday - 9/15 -"V" is for Video Games

Jenny Matlock

Happy Thursday! (It is still Thursday for another short while!)  Thursday means it's time to visit Jenny Matlock at on my tangent... for Alphabe-Thursday.  This fun, weekly meme follows an alphabet theme.  This week, we visit "V".  (We're almost back to "A" so mark your calendars and get ready to join in for the next round!)

I'll admit, I was very vexed today, trying to get this post written.  I was veered away from the computer so many times, and now I'm rushed!  That means you will be spared  my usual voluminous amounts of vocabulary.

My original post idea will have to wait until the next round, since the clock is winding down.  I shared my dilemma with my boys, and they came up with a new idea in a nanosecond.  Video games.

Yes, Virginia, V is for Video games.  And my house is full of them!

This is our X-Box:


And this is his cooler cousin, The X-Box 360:

X-Box 360

This a Wii, a few of it's accessories, and a pile of games:


These are the portable games.  Nintendo DS, iPod Touch Units, and an iPad.

iPad, iPod Touch, Nintendo DS

You'd never know these kids can only play for an hour a day!  (but oh, what a glorious hour it is for them!)

Come back next week and we'll wind down with "W".