Saturday, September 17, 2011

Celebrate "Not Back to School" With Us!

Our Tradition is to celebrate a Not Back to School Day every year.  When the other kids have their first day of public school, we have a day of fun instead.

Here are my 6th graders, ready for a day out on the town.  (I don't know why they insist on making goofy faces - but at least they're smiling!)

Not Back to School Day

This year we started the day with freshly baked bite sized cinnamon buns, and a basket full of presents.  (and game that isn't really new - but worked well for propping the previously debuted first day of school frisbee up for the photograph)

Not Back to School Day

The Fellas enjoyed their new T-Shirts, and other assorted items.

Not Back to School Day

Not Back to School Day also includes lunch out, and fun activities all day long.  Unfortunately, this year it was pouring, which brought some limitations, but it was still lots of fun.